Health Guarantee

Puppy will be vaccinated with the veterinary recommended standard puppy shots at the age of eight weeks, twelve weeks and sixteen weeks, and will be treated for worms, if necessary. If Puppy is sixteen weeks old when shipped, Puppy will have received its first Rabies shot. Purchaser will receive a record of all of Puppy’s shots. It is strongly recommended that Purchaser continue on a schedule of vaccinations through a licensed veterinarian. Purchaser is advised that excessive and combined vaccinations can jeopardize the health of any dog. Any shots for the Puppy should be given at least two weeks apart.
Should puppy die from communicable disease (this does not include parasites or hypoglycemia) within 14 days of purchase and buyer promptly sought treatment by certified veterinarian, and if said vet certifies in writing that the pup was thought to have been exposed to the disease prior to leaving our home, buyer will get FULL refund of PURCHASE PRICE of puppy within 45 days of certification of death (or autopsy report, whichever comes last). Any refund shall never be in excess of the original purchase price.

Buyer must send certification (autopsy required only if vet is unsure of actual cause of death) to Seller within 6 weeks of pup’s death.

If the puppy has a genetic defect detected by a licensed veterinarian within the ONE year (guarantee ends when pup turns ONE year old) a full refund will be made or another dog of equal value, the choice to be determined by Seller. Buyer must return puppy (at buyer’s expense) and puppy’s AKC paperwork to the Seller within 1 month of the exam that detected the defect before replacement will be made. Seller must also have a letter from that veterinarian with his address, telephone and the defect detected before any replacement puppy is given. If the Buyer refused to return this puppy for a replacement puppy, then this guarantee is null and void.

A final health check will be made by a licensed veterinarian prior to transport. This health check will include, among other things, a thorough physical and Puppy will be deemed to be in good health, free of any diseases including Parvo, Distemper and Coronavirus. A health certificate will be provided by Seller to Purchaser as part of the “puppy packet.”

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